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Wembley Central in the London Borough of Brent offers a variety of exciting experiences and activities that will appeal to anyone. Whether you're a local looking for some fun close to home, or a tourist looking to explore the area, Wembley Central has something for everyone.

Wembley Central is well known for its renowned landmark, the Wembley Stadium, home to major sporting events, such as the FA Cup and the Champions League final. But there's plenty more to explore here, from the Wembley Market offering a range of goods, to the local shops and restaurants that can be found in the heart of the neighbourhood.

The area around Wembley Central is also home to some of London's best attractions. The iconic SSE Arena, Wembley offers a fantastic music and entertainment experience, while the nearby Brent Reservoir is a popular spot for a relaxing picnic or a spot of fishing. With easy access to the city centre, Wembley Central provides the perfect place to start your journey into London and enjoy all that the capital has to offer.

London Stations within 1 hour

  1. 26 mins to Kings Cross / St. Pancras
  2. 26 mins to Paddington
  3. 26 mins to Marylebone
  4. 34 mins to Euston
  5. 37 mins to Trafalgar Square
  6. 37 mins to Farringon
  7. 40 mins to Charing Cross
  8. 41 mins to Liverpool Street
  9. 41 mins to Moorgate
  10. 41 mins to Waterloo
  11. 43 mins to Blackfriars
  12. 43 mins to Victoria
  13. 45 mins to Fenchurch Street
  14. 47 mins to London Bridge


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