St Margarets

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St Margarets, UK is a vibrant and progressive part of the world. It is a charming area noted for its picturesque scenery, vibrant culture and its warm and welcoming locals.

St Margarets is home to an array of highly acclaimed restaurants, bars, and pubs. Within reach of Central London, St Margarets provides a refuge from the bustle and hustle of city life, and it is possible to explore and discover quaint corners with ease. The area also enjoys beautiful riverside views, parks, and open spaces, an ideal area for cycling, walking, and picnicking.

The thriving theatre and arts scene in St Margarets ensures that theatre-goers, movie fans, and music lovers are more than catered for. And, with weekly markets, tennis courts, bistros and cafes, St Margarets has all the ingredients for an enjoyable visit. This location is popular with people of all ages, and can be enjoyed by anyone looking to explore and relax in an appealing and peaceful setting.

London Stations within 1 hour

  1. 32 mins to Charing Cross
  2. 32 mins to Trafalgar Square
  3. 34 mins to Waterloo
  4. 35 mins to Victoria
  5. 43 mins to Blackfriars
  6. 44 mins to London Bridge
  7. 46 mins to Liverpool Street
  8. 46 mins to Kings Cross / St. Pancras
  9. 51 mins to Fenchurch Street
  10. 52 mins to Marylebone
  11. 53 mins to Paddington
  12. 54 mins to Farringon
  13. 54 mins to Moorgate
  14. 56 mins to Euston


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