St Albans Abbey

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St Albans Abbey is one of the most spectacular attractions in the UK, located in picturesque Hertfordshire. This ancient place of worship has stood as an iconic symbol in the region for over 1600 years! The abbey is bordered by an enchanting park filled with epic grandeur from the towering trees to the winding river.

Stroll through the abbey grounds and be awestruck by the multitude of historical monuments, along with art and artefacts from diverse cultural backgrounds. Explore the old temple gardens, where fragrant roses scent the air and stroll past the riverside gardens, a tranquil spot overlooking the meandering river. Afterwards, take a break from it all and enjoy a leisurely meal or coffee in the park café.

No matter the season, St Albans Abbey promises something special for everyone. During the summer months, visitors can join guided tours, learn about the abbey treasures or visit the St Albans Art Gallery. During autumn, appreciate the changing foliage that exudes a surreal beauty. In winter, feel the magic of Christmas under the twinkling lights in the abbey grounds. For visitors lucky enough to experience St Albans Abbey, the memories will last a lifetime.

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