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Pangbourne is one of those idyllic English villages that proves that true beauty does exist. With its thatched cottages, flowery pathways and rambling, peaceful river, it's a place to escape the modern world and take a peaceful and refreshing breath of fresh air.

Just a short distance away lies the peaceful grounds of Basildon Park. Here visitors can take a stroll amongst the beautiful gardens and lakes, while admiring some of the stunning Grade I listed architecture from the 18th century. This National Trust site is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon or evening, perfect for anyone who is looking for a taste of nature or the chance to take in a bit of history.

Further afield, the surrounding countryside is just as inviting. From its lush green hills to its gentle water streams, there is plenty to explore and discover. Bird watchers, in particular, flock to this area to catch a glimpse of the variety of species that frequent the area, while cyclists and walkers can lose themselves in its natural beauty. With its year-round accessibility, Pangbourne and its nearby surroundings are a heavenly place to escape for a brief getaway.

London Stations within 1 hour

  1. 43 mins to Paddington
  2. 54 mins to Marylebone
  3. 59 mins to Farringon


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