London Road (Guildford)

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The area around London Road in Guildford, UK, is a bustling and vibrant area filled with a range of entertaining and enjoyable attractions. Highlights include the buzzing Guildford High Street, with a selection of major high street stores and independent boutiques as well as a wide selection of restaurants and cafes. Further down, shoppers are treated to the historic Guildford Town Centre Shopping Centre, with two floors of even more exclusive retailers and cafes.

Sport 3 enthusiasts in the area have many places to visit, including the Guildford Spectrum, an ice rink and leisure centre that offers activities for all. The Spectrum complex also includes a swimming pool, a tennis centre, a climbing wall, miniature golf and a bowling alley. Not to mention Guildford Castle, an ancient monument that overlooks the town, offering a beautiful view and a rewarding visit for history buffs.

Finally, the area around London Road is charmed by the stunning views of water meadows, heathland, the River Wey and the grounds of Loseley Park. Plus, there is the picturesque Surrey hills just a short drive away, perfect for adventurous outdoor activities including cycling, walking and picnicking. With an array of attractions on offer, London Road in Guildford is an ideal place to explore for those looking for a dynamic and charming outing.

London Stations within 1 hour

  1. 59 mins to Waterloo
  2. 59 mins to Victoria


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