Lewisham DLR


Lewisham DLR station is located in the vibrant, multicultural and welcoming district of South East London. With quick access to other parts of the capital, it is a great place to live and enjoy in your own surroundings.

The area has a fantastic selection of attractions, from the beautiful open spaces of Lewisham Park to the enjoyable experience of Lewisham Shopping Centre. Nearby you’ll find the vibrant and cosmopolitan Lewisham High Street, which boasts an array of independent and international restaurants, shops, pubs and cafes. Local events such as the vibrant Lewisham Joyful Festival and the foodie destination Love Festival create a great atmosphere to visit and explore.

During the summer months, you can participate in various sporting activities from sailing on the River Thames to walks through the idyllic parks and green areas of the area. All in all, the Lewisham DLR area provides an exciting place to live, work and relax. Its convenient access to the rest of the capital, vibrant local street culture and diverse attractions make it an excellent place to call home.

London Stations within 1 hour

  1. 13 mins to Moorgate
  2. 15 mins to London Bridge
  3. 21 mins to Waterloo
  4. 25 mins to Charing Cross
  5. 26 mins to Trafalgar Square
  6. 28 mins to Blackfriars
  7. 29 mins to Kings Cross / St. Pancras
  8. 30 mins to Victoria
  9. 32 mins to Fenchurch Street
  10. 35 mins to Liverpool Street
  11. 39 mins to Farringon
  12. 39 mins to Marylebone
  13. 42 mins to Paddington
  14. 43 mins to Euston


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