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Kenley is a great place to live and explore. Rich in culture and history, this charming town has much to offer. It is located near the Surrey Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty, so whether you are keen to explore nature or take in some extraordinary views, there is no better place to visit.

The local area around Kenley offers plenty of things to do. Whether you just want to take a leisurely stroll around the local park or spend the day exploring the local shops and parks, there is something for everyone. For outdoor enthusiasts, Kenley offers many trails and paths to explore, so you can truly soak in all the beauty that the area has to offer.

Kenley is a great area for families and there are plenty of activities and attractions on offer. As well as the beautiful landscape, you can explore the Kenley Airfield and its historic aircraft hangars, or even visit nearby spots such as Box Hill, Hampton Court Palace and Ham Manor. With so much to see and do, Kenley is the perfect place to make some lasting memories.

London Stations within 1 hour

  1. 36 mins to London Bridge
  2. 42 mins to Moorgate
  3. 44 mins to Waterloo
  4. 46 mins to Victoria
  5. 48 mins to Blackfriars
  6. 49 mins to Liverpool Street
  7. 50 mins to Farringon
  8. 52 mins to Charing Cross
  9. 54 mins to Trafalgar Square
  10. 54 mins to Marylebone
  11. 55 mins to Fenchurch Street
  12. 57 mins to Kings Cross / St. Pancras


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