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The area around Kelvedon, UK is one of true beauty and serenity. Though situated within a bustling county, this small, picturesque village is perfect for a peaceful escape.

Kelvedon is surrounded by rolling hills that stretch out across the landscape providing some of the best views both on a sunny day and a windy evening. The green dotted with deep yellow and blues of the wildflowers creates a kaleidoscope of ever-changing colors that can be enjoyed in the shade of the majestic trees.

Walking around the area reveals even more wonderful sights and sounds such as the birds chirping and the silent rivers flowing slowly along. The sun often sets behind the landscape, giving a stunning sunset display in the evening, which can be enjoyed from one of the many local pubs. All in all, the area around Kelvedon is a nature lover's paradise and an escape from everyday life.

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  1. 56 mins to Liverpool Street


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