Epsom Downs

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The locale around Epsom Downs is a picturesque range of countryside and small towns in the county of Surrey. Convivial and pleasant, tourists flock here to experience its outstanding natural pleasure. From the iconic Epsom Downs Racecourse to the rolling hills of North Downs, the Epsom Downs is an idyllic and charming getaway from the bustle of the city.

As if conjured up out of an English pastoral fairytale, Epsom Downs is known in particular for its stunning views. Visitors can admire the sweeping landscapes of the North Downs as far as the eye can see, with its historical monuments such as de Ewell Church and Hook Common providing a panoramic postcard. If you walk a little further down from Hook common, you can find the deepest point of coverage in the area, where you can go for a relaxing or refreshing dip into the waters of River Mole.

The tranquil nature of Epsom Downs has captivated visitors for centuries. Gently rolling and green, the area is a pastoral paradise for photographers, hikers and all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts. Its stands of trees, undulated paths, and varied wildlife make for excellent explorations. As one treks through this unspoiled country, they may come across quaint pubs and tea rooms as well as high end restaurants with vineyards, providing memorable amenities to break along the journey.

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