Burgess Hill

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The town of Burgess Hill in West Sussex is a place full of beautiful nature, lively entertainment and a fantastic sense of community.

The nearby countryside of this bustling town offers wonderful opportunities for outdoor adventurers, with plenty of walking, cycling and running trails that take you through picturesque meadows and woods to the nearby wildflower meadows of Bachelor's Farm and South Downs National Park. For those who prefer a leisurely stroll out in the fresh air, the nearby High Woods Country Park is a great place to enjoy, with its beautiful woodland and nature trail.

In addition to the abundance of outdoor activities, Burgess Hill also offers its visitors a wealth of great entertainment. From live music and theatre events to delicious cafes offering tasty food and drink, there's always something going on in town to keep you entertained. The centre of Burgess Hill also offers numerous independent shops for visitors to browse through, offering everything from traditional clothing, books and souvenirs to modern essentials. With its unique mix of attractions and activities, it's no wonder Burgess Hill is such a popular place to visit.

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