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Bracknell is a beautiful town in the county of Berkshire in the south of England. It's nestled in the rolling hills of the North Wessex Downs, giving it a distinct and tranquil atmosphere.

The area around Bracknell is full of lush green fields, ancient forests, and picturesque villages and market towns. Whether you’re after long country walks, a horse-riding session, days spent exploring the hills, or leisurely river trips, you’ve got it all within this tranquil setting of rolling hills and vibrant rivers.

The area lends itself perfectly to outdoor activities and adventures, with big open spaces, lakes, hiking trails and plenty of places to spend a day exploring. However there’s still lots to see, from historic monuments dotted around the area to the grand Ascot Racecourse. Bracknell provides the perfect balance of the countryside and modern lifestyle, making it a great place to live, work and explore.

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